Fun Facts About Bermuda

Fun Facts About Bermuda

Throughout history the beautiful island of Bermuda has been the backdrop for quite a few films. One of my favorites is The Deep. Nick Nolte and stunning Jacqueline Bisset discover more than just the depths of the ocean when they set out to go diving for fun. Here are some other great movies with a Bermudian touch, shared from The Bermudian Magazine. 

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French actress Jacqueline Bisset & American actor Nick Nolte on set of the movie ‘The Deep’, 1977.

 The Deep

Starring the magnificent Jacqueline Bisset and Oscar-nominated Nick Nolte, The Deep was filmed in Bermuda in 1977 and tells the tale of two amateur treasure-hunting divers who have a run-in with local criminals when they discover the lost cargo of a World War II shipwreck. 

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James Caan and Marsha Mason

Chapter Two

While not set in Bermuda in its entirety, Chapter Two follows George Schneider, an author whose wife has just died. His brother Leo gives him the number of Jennie Malone, and somehow they hit it off, and after a whirlwind two-week romance, the two marry and honeymoon in Bermuda. Chapter Two was produced in 1979 and starred James Caan and Marsha Mason. Look out for scenes of Bermuda at the 1:34 minute mark in the below trailer for Chapter Two.