Sustainability & Packaging

We embracing innovation and circularity, including upcycling, recycling, re-commerce/resale and bespoke materials and processes

We Place People First
We place relationships first, treating each other in the workplace environment with kindness, respect and honesty. We aim to work in harmony, helpng one another to achieve the best results while minimizing waste and energy usage wherever possible throughout the entire production process of each garment.

Our Materials
To produce a responsibly made product, we choose each material with intention and care. When sourcing for our designs, we prioritize natural, recycled, and organic fibers and do not use any fur, leather, mulesed sheep wool or feathers.
Since 2014, 100% of our swimwear is produced using ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated recycled nylon fiber made from pre and post-consumer waste and fabric scraps instead of sourcing new nylon. That allows us to recycle waste materials and give them a new life. Check out the styles we have designed using ECONYL®.
We also use recycled polyester for our mens shorts and scarves.
Click here to explore those styles.

How you can help

    • Keep the cycle going by recycling it!
    • Recycle it with mixed paper.
    • Reuse our packaging for returns or a second shipment.
    • Recycle it at a thin-film drop off location or through EcoEnclose’s Take Back Program.
    • Use it as filler for packaging.
    • Use it for your own shipments.
    • Paint over it and reuse it for holiday or home decorations.
    • Flatten it and use it for educational school recycled programs
    • Our packaging was custom-sized for your shipment. No unnecessary extra material was used in the bags or boxes - #wehatewaste.
  • The packaging may look like just another poly bag, but it's not, it's made entirely with trash.
  • Please recycle our packaging so you can stay on our circular path.
Reef Runner Hot Pink & Cobalt Blue

Our packaging
Our packaging was was chosen for its low carbon footprint. It is manufactured in Ohio with recycled waste generated in the midwest USA. It is printed with Algae Ink, a breakthrough carbon negative innovation and is custom-sized for your shipment.

Our packaging is:

• Made with recycled content and post-consumer waste.
• Made with recovered trash.
• Printed with Algae Ink, a breakthrough carbon negative innovation.

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