Island Style

Welcome to "Island Style," a captivating personal blog dedicated to exploring the mesmerizing world of island-inspired art and fashion.
Join us as we embark on a colorful journey through the realms of creativity, where tropical landscapes, vibrant cultures, and captivating traditions serve as the foundation for extraordinary artistic expressions.
When I think of the word 'island', I think of home, Bermuda where I grew up, the soft powdery sand that can sometimes be a pale peachy colour on some beaches and the stunning gorgeous turquoise blues of the ocean that are ever changing, always moving, shifting with nature's moods and then I think of all the flowers in their endless assortment of pastel colours.


Detail of original watercolour design, 2007 by Dana Cooperfor mosaic on Front Street, Hamilton Bermuda.


Fashion illustration of women wearing a hibiscus kaftan

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